Pitch For Three api overview

An overview of our REST API.

This page is under development.


Pitch for Three provides a REST API, accessible at https://api.pitchforthree.com/. All requests to a non-https endpoint will be redirected to https. We acceppt TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2. We do not accept TLS 1.3 nor SSL 2 and 3.

Please do not hammer our API. A 50ms delay between requests should be sufficient. We currently update shop prices weekly, and card data is not expected to change much (if at all) between set releases.

All data is provided as is, with no guarantee of correctness. Should you spot any issues however; please contact us.

You may not require anyone to make payments, take surveys, agree to subscriptions, rate your content, or create accounts in exchange for access to Pitch for Three data.

These guidelines will be updated. Many thanks to the wonderful site at https://scryfall.com who we have shamelessly copied many ideas from.

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GET /cards/autocomplete/:name

Returns cards containing name. If start=true is passed as a query, only searches for cards beginning with name, otherwise searches the entire card name. Accepts a limit query, which muct be an integer between 1 and 10.
GET /cards/autocomplete/ref?limit=2

GET /cards/pname/:name/:pitch

Returns cards identifed by a given name and optionally pitch. If pitch is ommitted for a card cycle, all cards in the cycle will be returned.

To populate price data in printings, query ?prices=true

To additionally show price history data, query ?history=true

GET /cards/pname/Surging Strike/1

GET /cards/search

Returns cards fitting a given search parameter. Valid parameters are identical to the text search syntax described here.
GET /cards/search?name=strike

GET /printings/:code/:finish

Returns printings identifed by a given code and optionally finish. If finish is ommitted for a with multiple printings for the same code, all of them will be returned.

Valid finish types are regular, rainbow, cold, fullart, and gold. Remember there is no such thing as a "gold" foil! We only use it because people expect it to be there.

To populate price data, query ?prices=true

To additionally show price history data, query ?history=true

GET /printings/WTR081-M/rainbow