CRU Wizard spoiler

Opt the ages

We're super excited to bring you the first ever pitchforthree spoiler.... one that fittingly pitches for three.

Kano has always been a bit of an awkward deck to play, as spending the resources and actions to opt often leaves you without the tools to also burn your opponents face off, and avoiding the opt leaves you a little too RNG reliant to comfortably use Kano's ability blind. Well, unless you're the sort of person who cam memorize their deck order, Matt.

Have no fear, those of us without wonderful memory, for Gaze the Ages is here to do everything you could ever hope for.

Spoiler image for gaze the ages

Gaze the Ages pitches for three, defends for three, costs 0, and can resolve to your hand!

This makes it perfect to land off Kano's ability, effectively replacing the pitch you spent while also opting. Eye of Ophidia, but with 3 defense.

That art though.

This has to be the nicest art of any card we've seen thus far. I should add a rating system for card art solely to 5 star this one.

Card image for Gaze the ages

An exceptionally pretty card.